Why Status Quo Questions?

Status Quo Questions was originally created as an avenue to talk about church health and the truth of what Christianity really is. The idea was to challenge the status quo that accepted issues as “just the way things are” instead of changing them.

Long story short, that isn’t how Status Quo Questions was used for the first few years. Instead, God directed my path to learn more about Him and His character, and the blog posts tended to focus on the study of Scripture or stories from my own journey of learning. That discipline has a way of softening your heart and changing your perspective.

Rather than being a distraction from the original purpose, the detour turned out to be an important step in laying the foundation. The issues facing the Church and believers today can’t accurately be addressed without the right perspective of who God is.

The heart behind Status Quo Questions is to someday strengthen churches and believers around the world. In the meantime, we’ll start with small but intentional discussions here.  Whether you are curious to learn more or have the same passion, please feel free to join in the conversation. 

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Year 4 Review: The Fruit of Small Beginnings

Year 4 Review: The Fruit of Small Beginnings

In keeping with my unintentional annual tradition, Status Quo Questions’ year 4 review is later than planned this year. At this rate, we can plan for year 5’s review around March of next year. 😂 In a nutshell, 2022 brought some unexpected surprises and opportunities...

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“Creating Margin” Available In Japanese

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Being a Christian transforms the way we live – for the better. As Christians study how to genuinely surrender to and follow Christ, we learn how to live in a way that is a testimony to others too.


Whether we are a part of healthy communities or ones that are in need of healing, conversation about church health is important for sustainable, genuine growth.



What is rooted in truth vs. influenced by culture? Bible study and honest discussion help us learn the difference.


Christian leadership is a big responsibility, and it’s one that Scripture teaches us how to steward well. Working together, we can pursue the purity of real Christian leadership, so the Church as a whole is strengthened.

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