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And Yet I Will Praise You

Are you looking for encouragement or even just a reminder of God’s faithfulness? And Yet I Will Praise You shares three examples of times when people in the Bible praised God through their circumstances… and made it through joyfully to the other side.

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Hymn of Heaven

by Phil Wickham


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Year 4 Review: The Fruit of Small Beginnings

Year 4 Review: The Fruit of Small Beginnings

In keeping with my unintentional annual tradition, Status Quo Questions’ year 4 review is later than planned this year. At this rate, we can plan for year 5’s review around March of next year. 😂 In a nutshell, 2022 brought some unexpected surprises and opportunities...


Conversation Topics


What's standing out to you?

Are there topics, issues, or questions that have been on your mind? While it can be frustrating when it seems like no one else sees it, sometimes that’s a nudge for us to start the conversation.

What new ideas have you had?

Even the ideas and dreams that seem impossible are worth talking about. You never know who else may be wanting to help with the same thing!


How can we move forward constructively?

Any time a need or issue is addressed, the goal is to move forward together toward a positive outcome. What are some constructive ways we can do that?


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