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Chrissy Callahan is the writer behind Status Quo Questions. She holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership with minors in Missions and Pastoral Leadership and a M.A. in Ministerial Leadership.

Status Quo Questions was started in 2018 as an avenue to address topics and issues that were often left untouched and unchanged within modern American Christianity, despite not reflecting actual biblical principles. If the Body of Christ is going to grow stronger and help heal and strengthen communities, it needs to also be healthy itself.

Thankfully, it’s taken a few years to get around to the original purpose for this blog. The time in between has changed the heart behind Status Quo Questions from being one of frustration to one that wants to seek the health of the Church in a constructive manner for long-lasting effectiveness. Wherever you are in your journey, you’re welcome to join the community.

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There’s still a lot to learn, but it’s neat to see how Status Quo Questions has grown out of a personal blog.

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Optimism is not living in a fantasy world where nothing tragic ever happens; vital optimism is a confidence that tragedy is not the last word, that the best is yet to be. Optimism is being able to acknowledge brutal realities and to point to an even greater reality – that our experiences are not in vain, our responses are not futile, and our efforts are going to be worthwhile.

– Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley,

The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

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March 1, 2022

Simple Faith Through Complicated Seasons | Madison Aichele Blog

Complicated seasons get a bad rap, and sometimes for good reason. During them, though, we can feel pressured to be something we’re not—almost like the strength of our faith is going to determine…

January 31, 2022

Just Say Yes | Calla Press

Have you ever held out for what looked like an unlikely promise? Or maybe you found yourself staring at a “next step” that seemed over your head? In the book of Joshua…

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