To Be Surrendered Before The Father

Aug 3, 2021 | 0 comments

It’s made me smile lately thinking back to a couple years ago and how much I struggled with surrendering my plans and circumstances to God. For those of you who have followed this blog for awhile now, maybe you remember the season where surrendering and trusting God’s timing were the (unintentional) topics of almost every post.

As I’ve mentioned in my recent posts, the past few months have brought a new season of surrender. Instead of staying put and being patient, this season comes with the call to let go and prepare for something new. Yet again I wonder about the timing, but this time I’m more willing to wait for His “it’s time” whisper instead of trying to manufacture my own. What a funny lesson that has been to learn.

Maybe it’s mostly funny because now I find myself in a weird place of feeling like there’s something else coming down the pipeline. Like there’s one last thing to learn or finish before it’s time to go. It’s ok if I’m wrong, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time, but at least this time I know God can and will redirect me as I trust Him.

And I guess that’s where that leaves us with this post: taking one step at a time, trying to be more sensitive to God’s lead, and trusting that He’s going to redirect as He sees fit. What a gift that is, to not need to worry through the process because you trust that ultimately He is leading it.

So, friends, for those who need the reminder, it’s ok to not know what the next step looks like. It’s ok to not know the timing or to have a vague glimpse of what it may be, only to find that it’s not what you expected. And you know what? It’s ok to expect and hope for the joy that is soon coming too. It’s ok to muster up the courage to believe that the next step might truly be a good one.

I find myself rather exhausted and challenged to learn a new lesson. More character development, more learning to be patient under high stress. And you know what? This time, that’s ok.

With every moment of pressure, every moment of stretching, every moment of being pulled and cut in some painful way, there is a promise of God’s preparation for what’s next. That if we can be faithful to trust Him now where we are, He is faithful to use those precious moments with Him to prepare us for what’s to come. That we could steward the responsibility well, that we could love the people better, and that we would have a firm foundation that has been tested and stands at the ready for whatever storm may come. And that? That’s worth the wait.

What a joy to get to partake in this journey! Here’s to our surrender, friends.

My Sweet Surrender

Oh Father to see this heart

And love it the way You do

What more could I possibly say

Than that it all belongs to You

That the God who does the impossible

Yet still bends His ear to me

Would become my closest friend

The very One who set me free

So with You I will walk

And with You I will wait

To watch the story You slowly unfold

To know You are never late

Strengthen my weary heart, O Lord

On the days it doesn’t make sense

But with every question and wandering, Lord

You remain my confidence

Can such a thing be put to words?

Oh the journey to bring us here

Here is my sweet surrender, Lord

I ask only to be held near


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